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We have a network of over 500,000 hardware experts including product designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, manufacturers in any category, and suppliers from all around Asia. By matching you with optimal partners and managing the whole project, we provide all-encompassing support for new product development beginning from concept development to delivery.

A Giant Database of Hardware Experts

We cope with any product from advanced engineering, unparalleled design, minimum production to scaling up through using trusted partners.

Close Communication with Factories

Our on-site Team comprehend factory’s way and work closely with our partners to pretend discrepancy in detailed specification or schedule.

Direct Order to Factories

To provide you with low-cost, we eliminate the middle men in multiple structure of manufacturing industry who compound interest on price.

Lean Production Process

We utilize uniquely developed project management processes based on Toyota Lean Kaizen which allows fast and quality-assured production.

BRAIN PORTAL is One-Stop-Shop for Hardware Startups

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Product Design

Mechanical Design / Engineering

Electrical Design /Engineering

Small to Large Production

Package Design / Production

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"Create the Best Team to Realize Your Idea"

We believe your idea can bring positive change to society.

To realize your it,having the right tools and resources is critical.

So we understand your product and team deeply and choose the best partner.

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