We can build anything with a full and comprehensive array of services.

Lean Development and Manufacturing for Hardware.

BRAIN PORTAL provides you hands-on expertise in unparalleled product design, advanced engineering, DFM services, cost review, reliability testing and failure analysis, and project management with a wide range of complexity across nearly every industry.


We design products manufacturable, and manage all the partners to ensure that projects are on time, in-budget, and in scope.


From the moment you partner with BRAIN PORTAL you’ll be paired with a Customer Success Representative dedicated to your product. He/She is a full-service concierge for your hardware development. Seamless communication increases flexibility to change directions on a dime,optimizing product design, and better performance.

  • Optimizing Product Design
  • Specifications / Requirements
  • Cost Review
  • Project Management
  • Tests / Certifications Plans
  • Risk Analysis and Management

BRAIN PORTAL is 100% for Hardware Startups!


1. Lean Development

We comprehend startups’ business. We first start from creating a detailed Gantt Chart. We support startups from very small production, and then increasing its size through learning from customers.

2. Specification Translation

We guarantee startups the best answer for manufacturing by reviewing design of all parts, and cost structures. We design all the components, write detailed specifications, and order to manufactures.

3. QCD management

We have over 500,000-factory network in Asia. To meet all of the needs of QUALITY, LOW-COST, and ON-TIME at the same time we pick the best manufacturers for your product and its each phase.

How it Works

Success in 4 steps

Tell us about you and your product. Every project and team is unique. Don`t have a prototype? Don`t have requirement? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

01. Rapid Estimation

We make preliminary plan specifications and make an estimation. We plan the entire supply chain.

02. Discuss your product

We get a sense of what you’re up to, then discuss how to proceed with your project given your budget and schedule.

03. Manufacturing

The project starts when you sign a contract. Our tool and comprehensive support system increases the flexibility of project management. We are at your disposal for inquiries and sudden change requests.

04. Delivery

We provide you with one-on-one support until delivery. This includes all the plans necessary for tests and various authentication procedures, which are different depending on the region or country.

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